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Player Name: Kates
Personal LJ: [ profile] kamikazescot
E-mail: radiotactivetedishot at gmail dot com
AIM: MartyDaChicken
Other characters currently in-game: Leonard Hofstadter, Loki
Who referred you to the game?: I don't even know

Character Name: Jean-Paul Beaubier / Northstar
Canon source: Marvel 616

Personality: Jean-Paul Beaubier is a jerk, an ass, and a prick. He is usually rude to other people in a very blunt, tell it as it is way. That plan sucks? He'll tell you! Things don't make sense? He'll tell you! He is sarcastic and snide, always ready with a comment to everything. He speaks his mind frequently and about anything. He's very haughty and arrogant, thinking high-minded of some people. Even his sister doesn't get spared from his bluntness every now and then. He can be polite if he wants to...he just doesn't usually want to.

However, Jean-Paul can be caring towards his teammates...rarely though. It takes a lot to make the man admit that he likes someone or enjoys their company...unless you're Aurora. One of his biggest weaknesses is his sister. Jean-Paul is fiercely protective of Jeanne-Marie. He will fiercely stand by her side if she is in a conflict or troubled...which tends to happen a lot. She is one of the few people that he's able to talk to. Jean-Paul loves his sister IMMENSELY, resulting in one of the biggest brother complexes this side of the Maximoffs. However, don't think that all's happy in Beaubier-land. Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie still fight. However, they eventually make up.

An interesting point is Jean-Paul's sexuality. Yes, he's gay. Yes, other people know it. However, he hasn't publicly come out of the closet yet, something that he's (at the moment) fine with. Another note is that Jean-Paul has a softer side to his bitchy exterior. He rarely shows any strong emotion, keeping them penned up inside him at all times. He hates being powerless. Situations where he can't do anything will usually bring out the most bitter and sarcastic ways in him.

History: Post Alpha Flight #18

-Increased durability and enhanced reflexes thanks to his superspeed
-Superspeed and flight. Jean-Paul can do fun superspeed things like run across water and create small cyclones. He's faster than Aurora, but not as durable.
-Weird maybe twin bond I don't even know thing with Aurora
-Professional skier

-Sister complex to rival Quicksilver
-He's a dick. Jean-Paul's abrasive personality can make him a total pain in the ass to work with. Considering that most of the time he's only doing something because of Aurora, he will definitely grump it up and be really miserable.
-He doesn't really believe in this 'let's talk it out' concept. Jean-Paul broods. He takes his inner feelings and he doesn't share them with anyone. Being vulnerable is something that he cannot stand.

Preferred drop-in point: It doesn't really matter cause as soon as he finds out that Aurora's here, he's gonna superspeed his ass over to her like nobody's business and basically say 'screw you living arrangements'. So, surprise me!

What are some of your plans for this character in their new environment? SISTEEEER. He's definitely going to stick to Aurora like glue and be really obnoxious about that. Also, there's fun timeline shenanigans as he's behind just about everybody else and is at the point in life where he's a total bitch about joining superhero teams.

First Person Journal Sample: [Hey everybody, it's Jean-Paul. He's basically glaring at the video device, scowl on his face.] Kidnapping someone and transporting them to another dimension? This is precisely why I left Alpha Flight, to get away from nonsense like this. And that message? Ridiculous.

[SIGH] I suppose it could be worse. I can think of multiple ways that it could be worse, the main one being large, orange and fuzzy. Still, if these people expect me to remain here, I'd like some answers. How did I get here, who brought me here, and how can I leave.

Third Person Sample: It took Jean-Paul a few seconds to fly to the apartment building, thanks to his superspeed. Now that he actually had time to think, he was regretting it slightly. While it seemed like a good idea at the time, he knew next to nothing about what Aurora had experienced here. She had been here longer than him (he still couldn't believe that), so who knows what she had experienced? Especially since, from what he gathered, random mind-altering events were just part of the daily norm.

He did want to see her again, he knew that much. But how to go about it was a completely different problem. She hated him. Ever since he made that remark about her possibly sleeping her way out of the situation (however true he thought it was), she hated him. It was an awful feeling. He wanted to make it up to her, he wanted to make everything better...he just didn't know how to do it.

Walking up to the building, he adjusted the collar on his shirt, more out of nervousness than anything else. This was where Aurora was staying, she had told him over the network. Swallowing what remained of his pride, he walked up to the door, opened it and looked around. It looked fairly normal, not too shabby. He was thankful for that. If Jeanne-Marie were living in what passed for a hotel in that New Mexico city, he would simply have to take his sister and find housing elsewhere.

He stood in front of the door for a few moments, pondering what to do. He still had the chance to run away, to think this though further and figure out a better way to go about this. Before he could do that, however, he knocked. "Aurora? Are you in?"

This would either turn out very well or horrible.
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